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Welcome to eDecorate.
Design is an amazing part of everything you touch and have in your home, but homes are meant to suit the people that reside in them. You want a home that suits your life style, interests and passions. Homeowners are lead to believe that there is a "standard way" or a “right way" to design or decorate a home. In fact, there are endless possibilities.

Verified by eDecorate™ Pros will guide you to the best design for you. You need to work with a Pro who has the skills to help you create a space that is perfect for you. Of course there are lots of "design hobbyists" and "friends that have great taste" who are happy to help. However, they are quite different from those with experience and skills to help you create a space perfect for you.

A good design Professional helps You take your hopes, goals and aspirations for your home, match them with your budget, to guide you in a directions that is right for you. They are NOT there to tell you what “taste” is or why you have to do it their way. eDecorate allows you to Post your Project anonymously, then have ideally matched Verified design Pros in your area, introduce themselves to you! Now this way, You know they’re interested in your project, budget and want to help. You get to browse past projects, credentials, and you know they are trained and skilled. Best part is, you only connect with those you feel are right for you. They will help you transition your house to your home, perfectly designed to suit you and your lifestyle.

Half of your life is spent at home! It should be right for you. I want to help you find, trained, accomplished and skilled professionals to help you get just that, at a price, and style that is Perfect for you! Enjoy!