Design and Décor Pros

Learn what pros do, and when to hire them.

In the world of Design and Décor a variety of “Pro Types” exist. To help you distinguish which type of Design and Décor Pro you’ll need for the job I’ve listed the various types of eDecorate Pros along with a short description.

Design and Decor Pro Types

Bedding Pro

Everything to do with the bed top including linens, pillows, duvets and covers, shams and Euro shams, coverlets, blankets, featherbeds, etc. You spend at least 7 hours a day in your bedroom. It should look and feel wonderful. A Bedding Pro will help you create that “luxury hotel” bedroom ambience.

Colour Consultant

When it’s time to repaint your house, both inside and out, you’ll want a Colour Consultant. A Colour Consultant will help you select colours which complement each other as well as the other elements within your space; like carpets and hardwood. They’ll also take into consideration the amount of lighting within the space and the “emotional feel” you’re trying to achieve with colour.

Home Stager

When it’s time to sell or rent your home, a Home Stager will help you showcase it to maximize the sale or rental price. They’ll help you clean up any clutter, recommend repairs and paint colours and temporarily add furniture and accessories to enhance your home’s best features.

Interior Decorator

An Interior Decorator will help you finish almost any room within your home; focusing on space planning, furniture, fabrics, art and accessories. They deal with the structure as it exists, using their expertise to make the whole room come together.

Interior Designer

An Interior Designer will help you with space planning, furniture, fabrics, art and accessories, window coverings and custom built-ins. They’re also qualified to move walls, change room shapes, plan additions including the mechanical plans etc. They’re similar to an Interior Decorator, but with the added expertise of being able to plan structural changes.

Kitchen and Bath Designer

A Kitchen and Bath Designer has specific and distinct training regarding kitchen and bathroom function and design rules. They skillfully plan these rooms for maximum functionality, comfort and beauty. A Kitchen and Bath Designer possesses a great deal of “specific knowledge” in the area of kitchens and bathrooms. They’re specialists in the same way your Family Doctor might send you to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor.

Lighting Designer

A Lighting Designer is trained in the art of lighting a home or business. They ensure that your space is well lit and has no shadowed areas. Additionally, they possess an acute knowledge of architectural, art, indirect, accent, stair and home theatre lighting. Like a brilliant film Director, a Lighting Designer can direct your experience through the home by subtly indicating where to look next. They also possess an unparalleled knowledge of the different types of light fixtures, bulbs and dimmers and will assist with fixture placement and lighting for those with compromised vision.

Millwork Designer

Millwork refers to cabinets, vanities, built-ins, closets, kitchen cupboards, etc. Millwork Designers are skilled at helping you create cabinetry with the perfect combination of function and form. They possess the knowledge to strike a balance between working well and looking great. If you’re hoping for a unique look that is beyond the offerings at big box stores, a Millwork Designer can create a bespoke look that is perfectly suited to you!

Professional Organizer

A Professional Organizer will help you take control of your surroundings by creating, and then teaching you to maintain, a home organizational system. A Professional Organizer will assist you in reducing clutter, reorganizing the space of a room, creating storage solutions, and designing functional closets.


The Stylist selects all of the smaller, finishing touches and arranges them strategically within the space. Accessorizing a home or room is often a very daunting task. After all of the renovation’s larger elements are in place, the Stylist will pull it all together with art, cushions, lamps, books, carpets, etc.

Window Fashion Consultant

Every home has windows to let in the light and provide a view. A Window Fashion Consultant will help you choose from a variety of window covering selections to enhance your view, achieve privacy and protect your space from intense sun bleaching while aesthetically pulling together the room based on colour, style, and design.