Premium Washers


Quieter, Quicker and More Reliable Washing

Fisher & Paykel has taken 20 years of SmartDrive™ washing expertise and applied the same excellence in clothes care in our SmartDrive™ front load washing machine. The motor constantly provides feedback to the computer controlling the tumble and spin action, resulting in a quieter, quicker and more reliable washing. The unique Vortex Wash speeds up the cleaning process so most cycles take less than an hour to complete; resulting in less time away from those favourite friends.

Founded in New Zealand in 1934, Fisher & Paykel is a leading manufacturer of premium kitchen, outdoor and laundry appliances. Their design heritage is based on a pioneering spirit that challenges conventional appliance design to create the world’s most human-centered appliance brand. Fisher & Paykel is a global company operating in over 50 countries.