Stain Resistant Fabric


Your favourite armchair or chaise lounge is usually your happy place, that is, until you spill something on it. Every time you head to that favourite spot you’re let down. Your beautiful piece of upholstered furniture is no longer beautiful.

JF Fabrics offers FibreGuard fabrics; the perfect upholstery solution. FibreGuard combines the latest Stain Free Technology with high quality and stylish home furnishing textiles to ensure long lasting, low maintenance, easy to clean fabrics. There’s no need to wait for an in-home cleaning company to remove stains with FibreGuard fabrics.

FibreGuard Fabrics

Stains are easily removed, allowing you to keep your fabrics and upholstered furniture looking fresh year after year.

How could anyone not be in love with these fabrics? Normally stains like ballpoint pen, coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup would have you doing your impression of Edvard Munch’s The Scream!  FibreGuard is going to change that scream to a “hmm”. And that stain resistance will never diminish in effectiveness, even if you keep spilling your tea in the same spot!

FibreGuard fabric has also made our Stuff We Like list because it’s green conscious. This product is OEKO-TEX® endorsed (Google it!), certifying that the product is kind to the environment and 100% safe for humans and pets.

How do you clean a FibreGuard product? It’s all done in 4 steps and 15 mins!

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Remove any remaining stain residue with a teaspoon or a white paper towel.
  2. Apply water to the stain and blot using a white paper towel (do not rub in a circular motion). Repeat the process until the stain residue is no longer visible on the paper towel.
  3. Apply more water to the area (for stubborn stains, a normal household bar of soap may be necessary) and gently rub with a microfiber cloth. Use circular movements for best results. Repeat the process until completely removed (when using soap, use intermittently).
  4. Allow the fabric to dry naturally. Do no apply heat.


Photos courtesy of JF Fabrics, a leader in the performance fabric market.

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