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How do I get started?
eDecorate is the unique marketplace for Canada’s best Designers and Decorates to meet in-market clients. The eDecorate community is reserved for only Verified by eDecorate™ businesses. So along with asking for your business details, we also ask to see related business documents, including Insurance. Therefore, to get started, every business must register and proceed through our efficient, verification process, in order to be granted Verified by eDecorate™ status.
How can I see the status of my application?
Don’t worry! Our Member Services Team will keep you well informed during the way process, and you will receive status updates by email. Good news is, our team has the Verification Process streamlined, and so verification, if all goes welll, is typically completed within 48-72 hours. In the meantime, during the process, you can pro-actively take steps to get the most from eDecorate by updating your business profile so once you are approved, your business profile well on its way to make a great 1st impression when welcoming new clients. If you wish to contact us, email us at:
Does my Verified by eDecorate™ status automatically renew?
Well, eDecorate takes great pride in showcasing trustworthy, accredited, insured Design and Décor Pros. Thus, Verified by eDecorate™ Pros get ‘re-verified annually. Why? Fact is, credentials such as Insurance Policies, Association Memberships, and other business documents expire. So, we make sure the businesses of Verified by eDecorate™ Pros, keep their documents up to date in our database. If any required business document in our record expires, you will be automatically notified well in advance, to submit updated documents. Businesses who do not, are de-listed until such valid documents are submitted.
Can I upgrade my eDecorate Membership Plan?
Yes absolutely. We have thoughtfully designed 3 Membership Plans to suit just about every type of Design and Décor business. Each plan offers full access to eDecorate’s website and PRO App. All Verified by eDecorate™ Plans offer use of the logo, Lead Management, and unlimited leads.
How do I get featured on eDecorate’s partner sites?
eDecorate is Canada’s only Verification standard for the industry. Get Verified by eDecorate™ today, and gain access to an audience of millions via our growing alliance network of media partners dedicated to only showcase Verified by eDecorate™ professionals to their audience.
Is it safe to submit my business documents to eDecorate?
Yes. Absolutely! Rest assured, your business documents are not published, and only reviewed by our Member Services Team as part of the Verification process. Once documents are checked and approved, they are deleted from our system. Your privacy is our priority, and you have our full commitment. Please read our Professional’s Privacy Pledge.
Are my business documents ever shared?
No. Absolutely not! We will never publish any private business documents. In fact, we only indicate to homeowners that we have checked and verify that your documents are up to date/valid.
How do the leads works?
The eDecorate Lead Generation system is simple. Here’s how it works:

• Receive email and App notification of new leads,
• Review project details including photos, and project survey,
• Easily create a reply, and you can even send a video intro (optional),
• Add a unique introduction to let the new client why you are ideal to help with their project,
• Interested clients, can call you, request a call, or request a meeting,
• At that point, we provide you their contact details, then it’s your time to shine!

Easy as Click. Connect. Create!
Do I have to pay any commission?
Nope. We know running a legitimate Design and Décor business today is already expensive. So, we don’t charge any commission. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air!?
Have more questions? We’re here to help!
At eDecorate, we have one goal; To be your Success Partner. We are here to help you stand out from the ‘riff-raff’, showcase your passion and get you better projects. If you have any questions, email us anytime at